Reviews are the underpinning bread and butter of the vape industry, they help us make informed choices about the products we're going to buy. Real world opinions, good and bad, are what keeps the vaping movement pushing forward and progressing. That is why, throughout the site you will find reviews of each product, posted freely from our customers. We don't hide or alter these reviews, as we think it's only fair that everyone gets their say, after all, taste is somewhat subjective! If you've got something to say about one of our juices, then please feel free to write a little something in the reviews section.

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Independent Reviews

In addition to customers reviews, we also have independent professional reviews for many of our products. These are in both blog & video format, wherever you see one of the logos below, give it a click and it will take you to them. We send out our products free to our independent reviewers, as they are taking the time to write about our products, so we feel it's only fair!
(Please note that some of the names of our liquids have changed, where this is the case it is noted below the reviewers logo.)


Blog Format Reviews


Video Format Reviews

Become an Independent Reviewer for Herbal Tides

If you're interested in becoming one of our independent professional reviewers, then get in touch via Facebook or Twitter. You'll need to let us know what sort of following you have, page/video views & a sample of some reviews you've already done. You will need to be professionally setup and run, we will NEVER pay anyone to conduct a review, EVER; that would totally defeat the objective of being un-biased. Please, no 'freebie hunters', that's not what we're about. If you're just starting out in the reviewing community, then we would recommend purchasing a range of liquids from multiple vendors to get yourself started.

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