Steeping eliquid is essentially the process of allowing it to sit, age and mature. Much like a fine wine or whisky (but not for as long!). Steeping can enhance and strengthen the flavour of your juices. However, all of our juices taste great straight from the bottle, so don't worry about it if you need to tuck in! Steeping works by allowing the flavour molecules to bind with the base carrier (usually propylene glycol), so when your device vaporises the eliquid, more flavour is carried through… Or so they say. It is somewhat of an ongoing debate amongst the vaping community, give it a try and decide which side of the fence you sit on!

There are two schools of thought with regards to steeping:

  • Steeping with time, allowing the liquid to age and mature naturally.
  • 'Speed Steeping', for those of you that just can't wait!

Steeping with Time

Steeping with time is by far the least technical process. If you want a stronger, fuller flavour, leave the cap on. If you would like to tone down and refine the flavour, remove the cap. Place your liquid in a dark place at room temperature or higher, be careful to put it somewhere it won't get knocked over and out of the reach of children and pets. Give it time.

Generally speaking 2 weeks will suffice for most liquids to bring a noticeable change, some people steep somewhat religiously for 3 months! That choice is up to you, if you're unsure, give it a test each week.

As time progresses your liquid may darken, see the image below for typical colouration. Clear and light coloured liquids generally do not change in colour as they mature.


Date labels or a reminder on your mobile phone may help with keeping track, especially considering if you are steeping for long periods you will need to order your juice ahead of time.

Speed Steeping

There are many weird and wonderful speed steeping methods, should you want to delve deeper into the world of speed steeping, a quick Google search will bring up a plethora of methodologies. But for now here is an easy and common method used by many vapers:

Secure the cap of your liquid and place in a bath of warm water (~60℃) for 10 - 15 minutes. Whilst still warm, shake well for a few minutes, repeat as necessary. Allow the liquid to cool thoroughly before opening the cap again or it may explode all over you!

Please note: Allow liquid to cool as it may burn your skin if still hot!

As mentioned above, our liquid is great straight from the bottle, so no need to worry if you feel like a crafty vape!

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