• 6x Triple Caterpillar Clapton

6x Triple Caterpillar Clapton

6x Triple Caterpillar Clapton Coils

Coil Freaks - TBCΩ / 0.23Ω / 0.36Ω

Just like regular Caterpillar Claptons these coils have a triple core, however, in this case all the central cores are round wire. This makes a much wider coil, and as such more surface area in contact with the wick. These coils require high wattages.

Coil Specifications:

  • 0.15Ω - (24g core x3) +32g wrap
  • 0.23Ω - (26g core x3) +32g wrap
  • 0.36Ω - (28g core x3) +32g wrap

Coil Freaks coils come packaged as six individual coils in a test tube. To use these coils you need an in-depth knowledge of Ohm's Law, battery safety and building/wicking. Ohms ratings given may differ due to leg length, please use the given figures a a guide.

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6x Triple Caterpillar Clapton

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